January 18-19th – ACI’s 5th National Microgrids Conference – Somona, California

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  • Deploying Microgrids for achieving strategic energy objectives, such as developing storage capacity and increasing energy efficiency
  • Integrating renewable energy sources with Microgrids
  • Innovative solutions to ensure power quality and grid stability
  • Maximizing the use of renewable energy in Microgrids to ensure cost effectiveness and an achieving an acceptable business model for profitability and success
  • Implementing Microgrids for control of local power
  • The role of advanced Microgrids in integration and interoperability
  • Expanding the market by reducing the complexity of Microgrid implementation
  • Reshaping the electric grid from a one-way conduit for distributing power into a decentralized, intelligent network AND MORE
Speakers Include
Craig Wooster, Project Manager & General Contracter
Stone Edge Farm Microgrid Project Clrk Wiedetz, Director of Microgrid 
SiemensBrendan Owens, Chief of Engineering
U.S. Green Building Council 

Steve Drouilhet, CEO
Sustainable Power Systems

David Chiesa, Director of Business Development
S&C Electric Company

Susan Kennedy, Founder and CEO
American Microgrid Solutions 

Petter Asmus, Principal Research Analyst
Navigant Research 

David Batz, Sr Director, Cyber Security
Edison Electric Institute

Thomas Rak, manager of Substation and Transmission
Pacific Gas And Electric


For the First Time on the West Coast: Microgrids West

The microgrid market is predicted to more than double in the next five years, both in terms of installed capacity and annual value. But as grid edge technologies quickly expand, it’s a new wave of cleaner, more agile, and increasingly complex microgrids being developed, and they have the potential to dramatically change the United States power landscape.

Navigant estimates the overall value of the market for remote power systems to be in excess of $10.9 billion today. The market research company’s analysts forecast this will rise nearly 20-fold over the next decade to $196.5 billion

Microgrids being deployed today are more flexible and advanced. Enabled by emerging technologies, value propositions are becoming viable that previously were infeasible or too expensive.  Where will new markets emerge over the next five years?  Which markets are going to explode? What challenges do they face? How much growth will there be with microgrid installations?

Power equipment companies now investing in pilot projects and currently available market opportunities will be well positioned for market leadership as the demand for microgrids increases over time.

Attend this industry event to learn how microgrids provide a real opportunity to improve energy security throughout and to produce energy in a more environmentally friendly way, both by increasing the efficiency of our energy sources and increasing the implementation of renewables.

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