St Helena Island Seeking Proposals For Renewable Energy and Storage

The Government of St. Helena on 23 January 2017 announced a request for proposals and bid applications from energy service and technology providers.  The request is open until 17 February 2017, and the contract is anticipated to last from 03 July 2017 through 2027.

The island of 47 square miles in the South Atlantic is a self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom, approximately 1,700 miles from Cape Town, South Africa.

The majority of the Island’s energy needs are currently met through electricity, generated by a mix of diesel generators, solar PV and wind power. Electricity costs on the Island range from £0.22-£0.42/kWh, averaging £0.34/kWh, due to the expense of bringing diesel fuel to the Island and small customer base. Due to the prevailing climate on the island, heat demand is very low.

In 2016 St Helena Government launched an Energy Strategy which aims to improve the social and economic well-being of its population, and minimize the impact on the environment. It looks to substantially increase the production of energy through renewable sources, and reduce the Island’s reliance on imported fuels, increase fuel security and energy price stabilization.

Key Strategic Deliverables:

  • To reduce energy costs for the community including all public, private and NGO entities
  • A mixed model of energy production and storage – building on existing wind and PV and delivering secure, low or zero carbon energy to the Island
  • A targeted strategy to reduce demand through greener more efficient products and practices which will include hybrid/electric vehicles
  • To contribute to the global drive on climate change and the reduction of fossil fuel use
  • To communicate the benefit and opportunities of renewables and efficient energy use which can reduce costs and emissions considerably
  • Establish St Helena as a leader in this field and enhance our tourism credentials

St Helena Government is looking for Expressions of Interests (EoI) to provide the Island with a renewable energy (electricity) and energy storage solution to reduce our current fossil fuel dependency and build on our current renewable resource (30%) of generation to a minimum of 85%. Solutions should aim to provide a secure electricity supply for the island and maximize savings in carbon emissions.

The provider will have a strong track record in renewable energy, storage and will be able to assist St Helena Government in seeking and supporting finance options.

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