HOMER Energy Partners With Microgrid Systems Laboratory

A leading microgrid modeling software company, HOMER Energy has announced a partnership with the Microgrid Systems Lab.  The partnership will promote “the use of microgrids to improve electricity delivery and sustainability as well as to work together on educational programs on microgrids.”  Education is one of the three core elements of the Microgrid Systems Lab, which include Innovation and Certification.

HOMER Energy, whose ‘Hybrid Optimization of Multiple Energy Resources’ model was developed by NREL (also a MSL partner) now count over 100,000 users in 193 countries. Their CEO Peter Lilienthal, also the original developer of HOMER software, has always made education a priority by giving frequent presentations and authoring both technical and non-technical papers. The partnership is likely to increase the Microgrid Systems Lab technical expertise and add to HOMER’s own list of industry partners.

“HOMER Energy is pleased to be among the first members of this effort, which we think is needed to bring about the change toward a clean, reliable energy future,” said COO Marilyn Walker.

Last month they announced an optimizer that simplifies the process for designing a microgrid based on cost, reliability, and/or carbon footprint. Nearly all microgrids going forward will value each priority, and HOMER’s software allows planners to design a microgrid accordingly.

Microgrid Systems Laboratory Partners

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Duke Energy
  • HOMER Energy
  • The Clean Coalition
  • Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities
  • The Energy and Resources Institute (India)
  • General MicroGrids
  • Modern Grid Solutions
  • Smart Cities Council

HOMER Energy Partners

  • ABB
  • Alpha Energy
  • American Vanadium
  • Aquion Energy
  • Cadmus
  • Canadian Solar
  • Discover Energy Corp
  • Innovus Power
  • Leonics
  • Saft
  • Smart Hydro Power
  • SolarCentury
  • Sustainable Power Systems
  • RedFlow
  • REDT
  • Trojan Battery Company
  • Brightmerge


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