Renewable Energy is an investment, and like any investment, there are key metrics which determine the value.

There are two aspects of analysing a sound investment: The sector and the business. A booming industry does not guarantee your company success and a great business can thrive in a floundering sector. However, investors want to know that both the sector and business they invest in are and will continue to grow and prosper.

The Sector

Although there are no guarantees in investing, careful analysis, rigorous education and insightful extrapolation can lead to success. As a Renewable Energy Owner, your first goal is not to promote your business, but your sector.

Energy is one of the most volatile industries in the world. With Big Oil and vested interests around the globe tampering and manipulating, everyone knows there is an uphill battle.

When promoting Renewable Energy as an investment, you have to show:

The Return on Investment: Investing in Renewable Goods has an upfront cost which, naturally, many prospects will avoid. Your goal is to get them to move past their limiting beliefs and see the longer term vision and inspire delayed gratification over immediate satisfaction. Do this by

  •  Showing how their current costs are projected to increase and how the grid in your area works (the cost of a kilowatt hour etc.).
  • Illustrating the rate of return both in savings and future earnings and a projected timeline to earn their money back; factoring growth, cost and savings for the industry future.
  • Ways to ease financing in your area as the upfront cost scares and is a burden for people
  • What risks they have in investing, and whats they have by not

The Rules of the Game

  • Grandfathering laws, tax breaks and incentives
  • Zoning Laws
  • The process of implementation and associated checks and balances

The Pains They Experience

  • The inability to keep up with bills and the fear of rising costs
  • Clean Air, and Environmental Fears

Your Commitment

  • You will be there for maintenance
  • You are a teacher, mentor and educator
  • Your vision, goals and expectations

The mindset of an Investor

  • Why Renewable is an investment, not speculation
  • What is Passive Income
  • Turning the Home into an Asset from a Liability

And Remember: Your aim is to start a conversation and make Renewable Energy Normal. 

Your Business

Once you answer these questions then you must show why your company is worthwhile. You must demonstrate:

  • Character and Leadership
  • Expertise
  • A process and game plan
  • Your history
  • How your services and products solve their problems

These are some of the key questions you need to answer throughout the educational process.

The greatest barrier to Renewable Energy is Ignorance and Fear. Solve these issues and you’ll have less resistance.

Now Get Out There And Educate

Neil Patel, Scaling Strategist

Lead Image by Pat Corkery / NREL