Your Guide To Microgrid Month – Events in London, Washington DC, Kansas City, Arlington, and Lausanne

A growing interest in Microgrids, Distributed Energy, and Rural Electrification can be identified by a growing list of high-caliber events.

March 13-16, London UK

CommonWealth Africa Summit

powering Africa - commonwealth africaThe CommonWealth Africa Summit will feature two high-level, interactive panels that are involve meeting Africa’s energy challenges with renewable energy and microgrids.  The Powering Africa panel will feature Microgrid Media contributor Chijioke Mama. Among other energy topics, he will be discussing the investment case for mini-grids and off-grids in Africa.

Chijioke is currently working on his debut report for Microgrid Media on Africa’s Microgrid Opportunities, a comprehensive analysis of challenges and opportunities for renewable energy microgrids on the continent.

The Commonwealth Africa Summit will also feature a high level interactive panel discussion on Financing Development in Africa, including the power sector.

Financing Development in Africa - CommonWealth Africa Summit

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March 15 - Navigant Webinar

Utility-Energy Storage Collaborations

Making Sense of New DER Business Models


Public power utilities are working with cutting-edge energy storage innovators to dispel the notion that a growing reliance upon distributed energy resources (DER) will lead to the much talked about utility death spiral. A number of projects in New York and other geographies are testing the waters for creative partnerships between consumers/prosumers, utilities, and private sector vendors. Companies such as Sunverge and PowerStream, Inc. are laying down the groundwork for new DER business models that highlight how advanced batteries are helping to create the grid of the future.

In this webinar, Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research, Ken Munson, CEO of Sunverge, and Neetika Sathe, vice president of Corporate Development at PowerStream, will explore various efforts to monetize value streams provided by both utilities and third parties. They will also showcase projects that span aggregation and optimization technologies, such as nanogrids, microgrids, and virtual power plants (VPPs).

Key Topics:

  • New emerging DER business models
  • Creative pairings of solar PV with advanced batteries
  • Growing linkages between nanogrids, microgrids, and VPPs
  • Benefits of DER models for utilities

What does this webinar answer?

  • Why are new distributed energy resources (DER) business models emerging?
  • Why do public power utilities have unique advantages in regards to innovating DER programs?
  • Why has energy storage emerged as a vital gateway technology for new DER business models?
  • How big is the DER market in terms of capacity and development revenue?
  • What are the distinguishing characteristics of nanogrids, microgrids, and virtual power plants (VPPs)

March 15-18, Arlington VA, USA

Defence Renewables and Defence Microgrids Summits

Attend Military Microgrids Summit

Attend Defense Renewables Summit

These overlapping summits from Infocast focus on meeting energy challenges of the Department of Defense.  In addition to being the biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the world, the DOD has an enormous cost associated with delivering fuels to military bases worldwide.  These high costs are an opportunity for renewable energy and microgrids. Military microgrids need to be rugged, reliable, and in some cases mobile, which presents new challenges and opportunities.

The event will feature an interactive microgrid controller demonstration by Erik Limpaecher of MIT Lincoln Laboratory.  The interactive demonstration will show commercial microgrid controllers operating real genset and battery controllers in real-time on a simulated 10MW microgrid and will introduce a new tool usable by utility engineers.

In addition to the controller demonstration, the Microgrid Markets Summit East has also recently added the following lineup of speakers: Dan T. Ton of the US DOE, Tim Tetreault of the DOD, Michael Stadler of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Neal Bartek of Dan Diego Gas & Electric, Michael Yambrach of Montgomery County, Maryland, Sudipta Lahiri or DNV GL – Energy, Christopher B. Berendt of Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, and Kevin Meagher of Power Analytics Corporation.

April 10-12, Washington DC, USA

Washington DC Africa Energy Investment Summit (AEIS)

Attend The Africa Energy Investment Summit

Leading investment firms, entrepreneurs, and government representatives will meet at AEIS in Washington, DC to discuss the challenge and solutions to meeting Africa’s energy challenges.  It will be another opportunity to see Microgrid Media contributor Chijioke Mama speak about investment opportunities in the Africa Energy Sector.

The summit will be complimented by industry seminars & poster sessions and the main event’s programme will consist of individual presentations, Keynotes, and panel discussions. The Africa Energy Investment Summit 2016 is targeted at energy experts, investors and enthusiasts from across the continent Asia, Middle East, the US and Europe at a time when demand for increased energy resources is at the forefront of discussions on Africa seizing the opportunity and maximize its growth potential.

The summit promises to offer 3 days of eventful dialogue, one-on-one meetings and networking, with the event having formed partnerships with energy sector.

April 13-15, Kansas City, MO USA

April 13-15, Kansas City, MO – National Conference on Microgrids by ACI


A three-day conference on capitalizing on Microgrids for improved system energy efficiency, reliability and providing enabling technologies for grid independence.

  • Deploying Microgrids for achieving strategic energy objectives, such as developing storage capacity and increasing energy efficiency
  • Maximizing the use of renewable energy in Microgrids to ensure cost effectiveness and an achieving an acceptable business model for profitability and success.
  • Implementing Microgrids for control of local power
  • The role of advanced Microgrids in integration and interoperability
  • Expanding the market by reducing the complexity of Microgrid implementation
  • Reshaping the electric grid from a one-way conduit for distributing power into a decentralized, intelligent network
  • Maintaining grid stability and integrating various renewable energy resources to improve energy reliability and efficiency of service across businesses, homes and communities
  • Providing new opportunities for system optimization and cost reduction
  • Exploring technologies available to implement Microgrid systems, reviewing the costs and returns on investment
  • Examining the role of small-scale and independent power generation sources in modern grids, including solar and wind, and how to leverage them for the greatest financial benefit
  • Exploring the key growth areas and markets for Microgrids
  • Reviewing the status and outlook for standards and regulatory initiatives affecting Microgrids
  • Real-time tracking, measuring and verification of Microgrids performance
  • Microgrids analytics measures and outcomes


April 13-16, Lausanne, Switzerland

Renewable Distributed Generation Forum

Attend Renewable Distributed Generation Summit

Utilities around the world are looking at integrating more distributed solar, wind, biomass, and other renewable sources into the energy mix, leveraging smart grid and microgrid systems to deliver advanced services and improved network performance.  Indeed, traditional utility operations, revenue models and networks are undergoing significant evolution within this environment.

The Renewable Distributed Generation Forum, April 13-15, 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland, will examine the very latest technology advances and business models for increasing the penetration of renewable energy while optimizing the benefits for stakeholders across the energy ecosystem. The emphasis is on real-world case studies, key lessons learned to date, and success strategies moving forward.

Full-Day Workshop on Microgrid Economics and Project Financing

An in-depth Workshop on Day 3 will provide real-world perspectives from banking, venture capital, and developer presenters on financing and economic issues for microgrid systems in rural, off-grid and developing world scenarios.  Led by industry experts from Susi Partners, Gommyr Power Networks, and EnerCo.

Presenting Organizations Include:

– Prof. Dr. Mario Paolone, Head, Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research ,Future Swiss Electrical Infrastructure (SCCER FURIES)
– Roberto Rodríguez Labastida, Senior Research Analyst, Navigant Research
– Qendresa Rugova, Senior Consultant, Burg Capital GmbH
– Dr. Robert H. Lasseter, Professor, University of Wisconsin – Madison
– Fabrizio Marzolini, Executive VP Engineering, Leclanché
– Davy Théophile, Conversion Solution Director, Grid Solutions, GE
– Dr. Benno Züger, Project Manager, CSEM Energy Storage Research Center
– Daniel Brand, PhD, Head Technology Center, BKW Energie AG
– Lucien J.W. Wiegers, Director, Head of Asset & Portfolio Mgt, Eneco
– Jessica Stromback, General Manager and Senior VP – Europe, Joule Assets
– Wolfram Krause, Senior Product Manager, Younicos AG
– Brian Lu, Head of Microgrid & Hybrid Solutions, Canadian Solar
– Gian Schelling, Business Development Manager, Northern Power Systems
– Erika Velazquez, Product Manager, Microgrid Program, ABB
– Jeremy Wiles, Software and Project Engineer, Siemens
– Stephen Jones, Business Development Director, Grid Solutions, S&C Electric
– Martin Baart, Co-Founder, ecoligo
– and more

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