Ally Mwanja Biography

My name is Ally Mwanja also known as Ibrahim, I was born and grew up in Mbalizi – Mbeya in Tanzania, I studied primary education at Nsalala primary school at Mbalizi then I shifted to Kasangali primary school in Rungwe district where I finished my primary education, while I was doing primary education I didn’t know why my parent send me school, I was just doing it to make them happy!!. In 2006 I join secondary school at Lwangwa secondary where I studied form one then I shifted to Rungwe boy’s secondary where I finished my o-level studies and it’s when I realized why I needed to study, I started thinking of whom I want to be in future, I spend most of my time reading and listening to different inspiration speech.

I don’t know how and where this comes from but it happened while I was doing my ordinary level studies at Rungwe secondary school. My ambition was to become a great Structural Engineer but also I find myself being so conscious about environment and I joined Environmental Conservation Society Club at Rungwe secondary in which we had different programs and project basing on conserving the nature, this spirit (being passionate about environment) keep growing within me and when I joined advanced level studies at Mzumbe high school I kept on the same track but I couldn’t forget that I want to be a great Structural Engineer I future.

After joining ARDHI UNIVERDITY in 2012 it’s when everything about being structural engineering ended because I was selected to pursue BSc. Science in Municipal and Industrial Services Engineering (MISE) – much connected to environmental issues that was my second option and I was comfortable with it. I have been living in village where there is no reliable sources of power, I used to help my grandmother cutting down trees for firewood, at home we use kerosene lamp to light up during night hours, and can’t forget one night there was a fire outbreak at our bedroom it’s when my sister forget to put off the kerosene lamp once she fell asleep then kerosene lamp fall at the top of her bag then it start burning all over the room, we could have died, it’s only God’s grace we are alive till today. Considering all the anthropogenic activities to our environment, it totally bring a mess in our future living. After studying RENEWABLE AND ALTERNATIVES ENERGY, one of the course I studied at University I said to myself “I must do something with it” because I find a great connection between Renewable Energy and conserving the environment, I believed that once the society is provided with clean and safe energy then man’s activities that results into destruction of our environment will be reduced to a great extent and this will improve our living standard.

In 2015 when I was third year of my studies at the University, I participated in SMART VILLAGES ENERGY INNOVATION CHALLENGE that was conducted by CAMBRIDGE DEVELOPMENT INITIAVES here in Tanzania and that’s when I started thinking of formulating a social enterprises that will deal with solving energy challenges in our communities only by making use of renewable energy, together with my team we managed to form a social enterprises that specifically use SOLAR ENERGY to provide clean, safe and sustainable energy solution in our communities.


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